Sunday, 25 December 2011

Do Not Click "Try the updated Blogger interface"


hye allz .. firstly miera nux cite something .. this is my second blog .. my first bloggy da hancus !! miera sdih sgt .. i miss that bloggy .. =')

i've lost my DASHBOARD !! haha .. caye x .. but its reality .. i've lost my old dashboard .. ni smua sbb sifat miera yg gatal tgn nux 'discover' benda baru .. so miera click lhaa "Try the updated Blogger interface" n guess what happen ?!!
Its a new dashboard yg miera x phm lgsung ..

Oke , fool of me haa !! i know .. so guys , do not ever click "Try the updated Blogger interface" if korg syg kt blog korg ..

This is it .. welcome to my new blog .. i've just make it simple .. follow me or not ?!! its your choice ..

oke , tu je yg miera nux type .. SHARING IS CARING ..

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